Christmas 2018

It all starts with baking cookies – the anticipation of Christmas! The moment when the aroma of cinnamon and sugar baking fills the house.

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FESTIVO from LEONARDO has everything that you need ready for a loving celebration. Joyful St Nicholas’s, sweet angels, shimmering Christmas decorations, stars, bowls and vases. For individualists, the glass candy canes are a must have, as these can be decorated individually with your favourite sweets of choice. With so much attention to the details, many wonderful moments will arise for both young and old at Christmas time.



Splendidly ornate, filled with splendor and wonder – this is the only way Christmas can be! The most beautiful celebration with its delicate pomp comes into its own with VELLUTO by LEONARDO. When tables bend with heavy relief and gold-decorate plates, cookies on white-gold tiers are battling for the best place, glitter baubles with sparkling reflections decorate the tree, Amaryllis in finely decorated vases are in full bloom and candlelight is glowing everywhere around the room – this is when Christmas is here.